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Office Buildings

Pioneer Group makes sure each and every corner of your office building has Wi-Fi and cellular signal. You take care of your tenants, we’ll take care of their connectivity!



We value your privacy and treat all clients with the same dignity and respect that we appreciate.

Turn-key Solutions

Our in-building experience extends from design and implementation to maintenance.

Solve Coverage Gaps

We work with major wireless carriers to provide better cellular service in large venues.


Communications Transport Backhaul

Pioneer Communications Group can help design, build, and create working solutions for voice and data transport. We have worked with local exchange carriers to make a seamless transition from wireless RF to central office solutions and our team can provide site audits and lease reviews to provide both copper and fiber transport needs. Expert technicians will also assist you with construction needs for both early power and Telco, as well as Co-locate sites.


Closing Coverage Gaps

Solve coverage gaps inside your facilities that reduce the efficiency of your wireless communications—or, in the worst case, that place life or property at risk. Use of an in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) extends the availability of external wireless service indoors, and is ideal for safety and security. Many cities are implementing ordinances that require reliable in-building wireless communications for public-safety first responders in buildings exceeding height or size thresholds.


Cost Effective

Pioneer Communications Group will customize a cost effective turnkey in-building wireless cellular solution specific to your building’s needs and application. We design and install DAS applications to boost cell phone signal in buildings smaller than 20,000 square feet to well over 500,000 square feet, in a variety of industries, throughout the western United States.


Fiber Solutions

Our technicians are trained and certified to help fill the large demand for fiber design and build solutions with many years of training and up-to-date certifications. From fault detection to OTDR results, Pioneer Communications Group has the experience to maximize your fiber design and is able to test and trouble-shoot fiber paths. Having worked extensively with both multi-mode and single-mode fiber, we have the skills needed to provide emergency repairs, from cut or damaged fiber to complete replacement.

How can Pioneer Communications Group help?

With our in-house electrical team and tower crews, we provide turn-key services for any wireless network application. Send us a message and let us know how we can help with your wireless needs!

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